May 22, 2005

Explosion Video

As i promised, here is one of the videos from the "The Explosion" concert i went to a little while back (sorry it took a while... long story) its there song "No Revolution" and at times its a little hard to understand cause it was so loud, but its still a great song. I hope you enjoy it, cause i did.

May 15, 2005

The Explosion Concert

Hey everyone, havn't posted in a while because i was sick. But, anyway, last night i went to see the "The Explosion" concert in New York at the Knitting Factory. It's a cool club, and the bands leading up to them were good, but one was pretty creepy. "None More Black" was the best band leading up to them, they were really good. It was all leading up "The Explosion" one of the best bands of all time. We got some cool videos and photos, so i'll post those later, but for now that's it.

May 06, 2005


Hey everyone, this is Ian Dunn, my dad is Mike Dunn, you may have heard of him, he's gotta podcast and a blog and stuff, all that stuff. So, anyway i'm sick today and stayed home from school, so ill tell you bout my blog and myself. This is gonna be a cool blog, i'm gonna be bloggin when i go to california this summer, and ill be puttin pictures of the skateparks (i skateboard and snowboard, just informin you) and the sites and stuff that i'll be goin to out there, and i'm gonna be startin a punk rock / all rock podcast soon , and its gonna be awesome, so look out for that, and thats wuts goin on. see ya